Test of the Harness Tester

Type of the test

Continuity test

A continuity test has two purposes. One is to check disconnection, a short circuit, wrong wiring that is the basics of circuit wiring. To the other is to confirm whether a product is safely attached to an adapter. There is no meaning to test. Because pressure tests and insulation tests are done When a product is not attached. And so, It is necessary to perform a continuity test before and after the pressure tests and insulation tests.

Momentary disconnection test(Loose contact test)

Disconnection may occur because vibration, shock or refraction. Loose Contact Test will find a moment of disconnection which is not found by Continuity Test.

Withstand voltage test

It tests whether an electric discharge is not generated by applying multi-core cable.

insulation resistance test

It tests whether the resistance between the line is higher than the set point of the guarantee of quality condition. Insulation resistance value is very influenced by impurities and temperature.

withstand voltage / insulation test method

Based on circuit data, It sets a pattern and the number of times to apply automatically. It automatically perform an examination of withstand pressure, insulation between all circuits in the shortest time From simple circuit to complicated circuit

Resistance Test

Measuring the function of resistance value measures the resistance level and performs the evaluation with an error (%) with the set point and upper lower limit level. It saves the measured data as a CSV form file.

One end test

One end test is checking disconnection and false wiring by searching a probe in a line of the opening side.

Point search

The point search displays the number of the connection pins and the pin number with the checker. It is shipped with all models.

DC - AC Inverter

It gives stable voltage output without influence of a change of power supply by high voltage of DC Inverter.


The remote software can perform all these functions with a PC. (history and execution of test, making data, management, printout) The management software can perform making and the management data exchange of data.

Power Source

◎ wide(90V~250V)○ 100V(85V~135V) ※ It is modifiable with an option for wide model.

Flow of the test

Flow of the test

Flow of the test

Making data(W series)

Making data(W series)