Connector Tester

List of Connector Tester

model Functions Sequence control software point
Continuity Test Withstand voltage test output input
NHC-400C 4(8) 10(15) 40~320
NHC-120C 4(8) 10(15) 16~256


Continuity test

Continuity Test has two functions. One is checking a connection, another is a difference in length of the pin.

Withstand voltage test

Scanning function has auto generation test of the applied pattern between All pin intervals, and Search Function of a defective point. And It can be use a Multi withstand voltage scanner as well as a connector.

Sequence control

Sequence Control has maximum 32 kinds of programs.(Withstanding Voltage Test, controls jig controller with an air cylinder, Continuity Test, etc )

PC software

It's Makes date of Continuity test, condition of Withstand voltage test, Making of the sequence program, Making of the pattern to apply. And performs the data exchange with the tester.